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Wavey Avenue Towers Residential Complex

Pilkington Suncool®-R Blue 50/25 Pro T

Wavey Avenue Towers Residential Complex

Wavey Avenue residential complex project is a new page in the urbanism of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. The name of the project is related to its unique wave-shaped design.

The stylish group of buildings stands out against the background of the traditional architecture like an oasis in the dusty desert. The project was implemented by Lalav Group, the largest Iraqi developer engaged in the integrated development of Erbil. 

Plenty of glass and light, white tones in the exterior decoration, interesting geometric details in the design of facades - the signature style of Lalav Group is graphic and minimalistic. It refers to the architecture of modern metropolitan cities, although the Wavey Avenue project is located just a few kilometers from an ancient citadel.

The residential complex includes four six-storey buildings with a total of more than 1,000 apartments. The first floors are occupied by stores and service companies, cafes and restaurants, children's playgrounds and a gym. A parking lot for 2,000 cars is organized for the residents. The high-rises are surrounded by greenery and fountains.

Translucent structures instead of walls became a great solution to save on additional lighting for the apartment complex. This is very important in Erbil, where power cuts are not uncommon. The glazed area of the project exceeds 33,000 square meters. Glass was used to make not only the facades, but also the parapets of the balconies.

Six millimeter glass is installed in the Ciraylar Cam IGUs. The 20 mm wide spacer is filled with argon. The exterior glass is Pilkington Suncool®-R Blue 50/25 Pro T with a distinctive blue tint, creating a sea-wave atmosphere. 

Owing to Double Silver® magnetron sputtering technology, the glass transmits light but does not add color to it, providing neutral light indoors. 

The high light transmission and selectivity of this glass allows for a truly comfortable environment with a colored facade solution.

  • Project detail

  • Project Wavey Avenue Towers Residential Complex
  • Address Gulan Street, Erbil, Iraq
  • Year of construction 2021
  • Developer Lalav Group
  • Architects Lalav Group
  • Façade company Lalav Group
  • Processor Ciraylar Cam
  • Glazing, sq. m 33000
  • Glass

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Pilkington Suncool®-R Blue 50/25 Pro T

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