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Pilkington OptiView®

Low reflective glass with high transparency

Glass with hard anti-reflective coating. Solution for shop windows, art galleries, exhibitions, control towers, special applications in transport and aviation.

With its large size capability and ability to be processed like ordinary glass, Pilkington OptiView® is ideal for a wide range of traditional and new antireflective applications in which clarity of view is of paramount importance.

  • Display cases

  • Retail shop fronts

  • Showrooms

  • Panoramic restaurants

  • High rise condominiums or apartments

  • Glass atriums

  • Sports stadiums

Pilkington OptiView® can be used to enhance any view, either looking inwards or outwards. At night, occupants in high-rise condominiums or apartments can enjoy spectacular views from their residence, reducing reflected images in the glass as seen with standard glass.

Adding to its unique properties, it is available in larger sizes and achieves a more neutral color than any other anti-reflective glasses, providing architects with greater freedom to innovate than before. Pilkington OptiView® is easily fabricated due to the durable coating and when incorporated into insulating glass units, it can be combined with other products from the Pilkington range to provide additional benefits such as solar control or thermal insulation. 

  • All types of processing

    All types of processing

    The possibility of hardening, bending and use in triplex

  • High light transmission

    High light transmission

    Lets a lot of natural light into the room

  • Low reflectivity

    Low reflectivity

    Coating with a reduced reflectivity value


% %
Pilkington OptiView® 92 5
Pilkington OptiView® ULTRA DC 98 1
Characteristics calculated for formula 6 | - 16 Ar - 4 Optifloat in accordance with GOST EN 410-2014, GOST EN 673-2016 (R0 for Moscow conditions using the STIS thermal calculator software).