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Anti-reflective glass for paintings and framed photographs
Gently diffuses light and makes any picture brighter and more visual for the viewer.
Features and Benefits:
  1. Diffuse light over its entire surface
  2. Softens harsh reflections
  3. Reduces reflected images to a soft sheen
  4. Ideal for use with photographs, prints and watercolors
For maximum effect, the glass should be positioned within 20 mm of the image. Not recommended for heavy textured work such as oil paintings.


  • All types of processing

    All types of processing

    The possibility of hardening, bending and use in triplex

  • High light transmission

    High light transmission

    Lets a lot of natural light into the room

  • Low reflectivity

    Low reflectivity

    Coating with a reduced reflectivity value


% %
Light transmission, LT, % 97 Light reflectance out, LRout, % 3
Characteristics calculated for formula 6 | - 16 Ar - 4 Optifloat in accordance with GOST EN 410-2014, GOST EN 673-2016 (R0 for Moscow conditions using the STIS thermal calculator software).

Technical data

  • Formats: LESS (1840 x 1240 mm)
  • Thickness: 2
  • Use in an IG Unit: required, coated inside
  • Must be hardened: possibly
  • Can be bent: possibly
  • Can be laminated: possibly
  • Decoration: possibly

Application area