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A unique glass with a self-cleaning surface

Pilkington Activ® is a durable, coated, self-cleaning glass with neutral light transmission. Compared to ordinary float glass it provides clearer vision immediately after rainfall and it also requires less frequent cleaning. 

It has good scratch resistance and durability, and in most circumstances can be treated the same as ordinary float glass. It is also available on a blue and bronze glass substrate, for the additional benefit of solar control. 

Under normal conditions the unique coating breaks down and loosens organic contaminants on the surface and induces a water sheeting action on the coated surface. This allows dirt to be washed easily from the surface and reduces the need for manual cleaning.

Pilkington Activ® can be single glazed or incorporated into an insulating glass unit with the self-cleaning coating positioned on surface #1, on the outside of the building.

Pilkington Activ® is classified as a Class A coated glass in accordance with EN 1096. It is therefore important that this coated product is handled and processed in accordance with good practice.


  • High light transmission

    High light transmission

    Lets a lot of natural light into the room

  • All types of processing

    All types of processing

    The possibility of hardening, bending and use in triplex


% %
Light transmission, LT, % 84 Light reflectance out, LRout, % 14
Characteristics calculated in accordance with GOST EN 410-2014, GOST EN 673-2016 using the Pilkington Spectrum software.

Technical data

  • Formats: Jumbo (6000 x 3210 mm), LES (2550 x 3210 mm)
  • Thickness: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10
  • Use in an IG Unit: possibly
  • Must be hardened: possibly
  • Decoration: application of ceramic and organic paints possible

Application area