Russkie Samotsvety and Pilkington have first project

Business Center Russkie Samotsvety is a project in portfolio of RS-Stroy Developer, a subsidiary of the jewelry holding the Russkie Samotsvety that not only owns the factory, but has been building business centers in St. Petersburg for over 10 years.

The Sobha Hartland Residential Complex
Now the heart of Dubai has a soul. So they say of the Sobha Hartland residential complex located in the elite region that is Mohammad Bin Rashid City along the Dubai Water Canal. Luxury villas, townhouses, condos, hotels – a total of 282 properties are situated along an area of 750 thousand square meters just a few minutes from the famous Burj Khalifa, in close proximity to the city center and the beach.
Loft style in Pilkington architecture

Classification of loft style includes soft loft direction, which implies the creation of new buildings in the "loft" style. Residential complexes "State 18" in Moscow and Docklands in St. Petersburg are the examples of soft loft. Highly selective Pilkington glass was used in glazing of both projects.

World Architecture Day: Pilkington Glass Russia's most notable projects located out of Russia
More than 40 countries are included in the list of export deliveries of Pilkington Glass Russia, and the list of objects, which includes highly selective Pilkington glass, manufactured at the Pilkington Glass plant in Moscow region, is growing every year. By tradition, we congratulate architects, planners, designers, builders, engineers, installers, manufacturers of raw materials and components, as well as our colleagues in the window market with World Architecture Day and recall the most significant projects of Pilkington Glass Russia located out of Russia.
Pilkington Glass in Kazahstan
The elite Baisanat residential complex became the first club house in the capital of Kazakhstan. the Orda Invest corporation has implemented a unique housing project of a new format in the heart of Nur-Sultan, in the prestigious Komsomolsky microdistrict, surrounded by diplomatic houses and premium buildings.
"How to design IG-unit" recording on Pilkington Glass Youtube channel
The first season of Pilkington public webinars was attended by over 2,800 people (architects, consultants, developers, processors, representatives of facade and window companies), 700 of them have passed educational course "How to design IG-unit". Educational course consists of three parts, each of them is devoted to a different aspect of insulating glass assembly.
The Atlant City residential complex is a new Pilkington facility in Nizhny Novgorod
This premium residential complex, which was developed by N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod and invested in by Atlant LLC, is called one of the most ambitious projects in Nizhny Novgorod. It is located next to the largest shopping and entertainment center called Fantastic, a 6-minute drive to the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin and 800 meters from the Volga river embankment.
"Laminated glass and IG-unit acoustic parameters" recording is on Pilkington Glass Youtube channel
The first season of Pilkington public webinars was attended by over 2,800 people: architects, consultants, developers, processors, representatives of facade and window companies. The audience was particularly interested in the Laminated glass and IG-unit acoustic parameters webinar - it was attended by about 400 people.
Ilyinskaya Hospital in Krasnogorsk and its Pilkington Glass and STiS IGU
Ilinskaya Hospital in Krasnogorsk is the most high-tech medical center in the Moscow region. The Clinic Management Group is built with funds from Russian and Kazakh investors. It is a unique place combining a clinic and a hospital. But most importantly, the building is designed with all the newest architectural trends in mind and meets the relevant international energy efficiency standards.
How to convince customer to go for coated glass solution in residential buildings? Join us next Pilkington public webinar
How to convince customer to go for coated glass solution in residential buildings? We’ll repeat this topic during our next-week webinar “Coated glass for residential applications”.
The Tokyo More is a new Pilkington facility in the Russian Far East

The Tokyo More, the tenth Tokyo chain restaurant, has become one of Vladivostok’s gastronomic highlights by presenting an original menu with a particular focus on seafood. It also amazed the residents of the city with an exotic building design. The two main building materials of both traditional and contemporary Japan, namely wood and glass, were used during its construction.

Webinar series by Pilkington Glass
Pilkington Glass Russia team of experts prepared a new format of communication with the audience - series of public webinars which anyone could join.  The topic for the upcoming week is going to be “IGU – main characteristics”.  
Coater, five years later: how the activity of Pilkington Glass Russia changed with the start of production of coated glass
In June 2014, a significant event took place at the Pilkington Glass Russia plant, as the coating began working. With the launch of the coater, the plant initiated the production of high-tech glass with a low-e coating: tempered and non-tempered versions of the Pilkington Optitherm® energy-saving and the multi-functional Pilkington Suncool® products.
Pilkington glass has been recertified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards
Based on the results of a recertification audit conducted by the Swiss company SGS, Pilkington glass confirmed compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standards. Its application ensures that customers receive high-quality products and services.
The Al Ain hospital in Abu Dhabi is a new facility added to the portfolio of SP Glass group
The construction of a new building for the Al Ain hospital, which began in Abu Dhabi in 2014, is coming to its logical conclusion. Reinforced concrete works have been completed, communications have been connected, and solar panels have been installed on the roof to generate electricity. SP Glass group also actively participated in the construction of the clinical center, installing 11,700 square meters of Pilkington glass on the site.
The construction of the Liner residential complex, glazed with the participation of SP Glass holding was completed
In September 2018, the Liner-West facility was assigned an official address. This event marked the final point in the construction of two buildings in the Liner residential complex, the foundation of which was laid back in 2014. One of the features of the houses was panoramic windows, glass and IG units for which SP Glass group supplied.
The SP Glass group has finished glazing a business center in Honduras
Located on the slopes of the Sierra de Merendon mountain range, the Nuevos Horizontes business center is one of the most expensive properties built in Honduras in recent years. The Russian SP Glass holding participated in its glazing, delivering 15,000 sq. m of Pilkington Suncool® architectural glass from the Moscow region to San Pedro Sulu.
About convection and draughts

Convection is a constant current of air which is triggered by the difference of temperatures between the window surface and the air inside your apartment. Typically, the window surface is much colder, especially during winter time. Since cold air is heavier than the hot one, after cooling against the window surface it flows down, bringing inhabitants a strong sense of discomfort. Despite the fact that the window is well-shut and has no chinks, they feel a draught of cold air.

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