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  • 48 countries in the world

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  • 850 tons of glass per day

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  • 10 million m2 of coated glass per year

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About company

Pilkington started its operations in Russia in 1998.

The main task of the company is the production of energy-efficient glass and the development of new technologies for the production of functional glass and translucent structures.

У нашего завода один из самых больших складов стекла в России

warehouse area: 55,000 square metres

Our factory has one of the largest glass warehouses in Russia.

It has the perfect conditions for storing finished products: the warehouse is a dry, well-ventilated space with a relative humidity of no more than 65% and with a temperature not lower than 15º C
Много это или мало?

850 tons/day furnace capacity

Is that a lot or a little?

Glazing two skyscrapers up to 250 meters high requires 780,000 tons of glass or 80,000 square meters. Our plant produces this amount of glass in 1 day!
Почему наше стекло востребовано за рубежом?

Almost 40% of glass is exported

Why is our glass in demand throughout the world?

Our factory produces high-quality, highly selective glass that fully meets the requirements of European standards. We care about the environment and make safe products for health. The raw components in their composition allow us to recycle 100% of glass without polluting the environment.

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