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Esil Riverside Residential Complex

Pilkington Suncool® One 60/40

Esil Riverside Residential Complex

Pilkington Suncool One 60/40 sunscreen in the Esil Riverside residential complex in Nur-Sultan

Industrial style with elements of neoclassicism and art deco. The designers behind the Esil Riverside Premium Residential Complex were the specialists of INK Arch bureau. They were inspired by the conceptual architecture of iconic American skyscrapers. The residential complex is named after Esil River, along the embankment of which the stylish high-rise buildings are located. 

The developer BI Group, which has established itself in the development market, has more than 30 completed projects in its portfolio. Esil Riverside is built in an elite district of the capital of Kazakhstan near green parkland. There is a shopping mall, a circus, and a family entertainment center within walking distance.

The residential complex consists of several high-rises with a varying number of floors - from 19 to 22. Tenants are offered one- to six-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 37 to 150 square meters. There are children's and sports grounds, recreation areas, a viewing terrace, a fitness room and a co-working room inside the building, and a two-storey covered parking lot. 

A statue of a golden Pegasus is placed on the roof of the complex as a symbol of inspiration and contemplation. The developer emphasized quality materials for elite housing. The houses are built of monolithic reinforced concrete. The status of the apartments is emphasized by the stained-glass windows.
The facade company Primex chose STiS triple-glazed plastic windows for the glazing. For increased safety, they use 6-millimeter-thick tempered glass.

Pilkington Suncool One 60/40 exterior glass is an architectural grade product with the perfect balance of light transmission and sun protection. The low internal reflection coefficient is responsible for the clear view from inside the room. And the sun protection performance ensures comfort in all apartments, including those facing south or southwest. 

Pilkington Optitherm S3 Pro T interior glass has maximum transparency and a neutral tint. It has low specularity and excellent heat-saving properties.