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Technology park ELMA

Pilkington Suncool® 50/25 Pro T

Technology park ELMA

ELMA Technopark with a total area of 60,000 sq. m. belongs to the company "ELMA Group", which owns commercial real estate in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, which is rented for office, warehouse and production needs.

The facility is located on the territory of Zelenograd, the so-called Soviet Silicon Valley, where the main research and production centers of electronics and microelectronics of the Russian Federation are concentrated.

The ELMA Technopark has created comfortable conditions for innovative production facilities, research laboratories and development centers. 

For this purpose, during the overhaul, the facade glazing was changed, using a glass of a neutral shade Pilkington Suncool® 50/25 Pro T with a reduced solar factor value. Due to the high glass selectivity, interior rooms receive a large amount of light, so the product is ideal for panoramic premises glazing. 

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  • Project Technology park ELMA
  • Address 4922nd passage, 4, building 2-5, Zelenograd, Russia
  • Year of construction 2016
  • Glass

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Pilkington Suncool® 50/25 Pro T

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