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Sports and Concert Complex “Sports Palace”

Pilkington Suncool® One 60/40

Sports and Concert Complex “Sports Palace”

Almost 30,000 square meters. Three ice fields: main, training and curling. 5,000 spectators. A unique project in regional terms, the Sports Palace in Samara became not just a home arena for the CSK hockey club, but a multifunctional sports and concert complex.

The palace was built as part of the federal project “Sport is a Norm of Life”. Financial support was provided by Rosneft. The project developed by VTS Group of Companies has the most advanced equipment from the ice freezing system with six modes to the outdoor LED screen, which broadcasts sporting events. Dmitry Orlov, the project's architect, aimed to preserve continuity, because this complex was built on the site of the ice palace, which had been in operation from 1966 to 2017. A unique mosaic depicting hockey players was transferred from the old building to the new facade. A bust of Vladimir Vysotsky was installed nearby: in 1967, 6,000 people came to see the popular artist at his concert. When decorating the facades, the builders relied on translucent structures. Panoramic views of the Volga River open from the conference halls and lobbies of the palace. "House of Windows", the facade company, was guided by the criteria of reliability, safety and quality of construction. STiS double-glazed windows became the optimal solution. To increase the strength of the structure, the builders used laminated glass - triplex. It was installed on the inside of the windows. Single-glazed windows at the project have two configurations. In the first configuration, the thickness of the external glass is 6 mm, triplex is 44.1. The second configuration: the outer glass is 8 mm, triplex is 55.1. The perfect balance of light transmission and sun protection is provided by Pilkington Suncool One 60/40 architectural glass. The low internal reflection coefficient means a clear view from inside, and the excellent sun protection characteristics make this glass an excellent choice for south- or southwest-facing facades. Glass unit formulas: 6 Suncool One 60/40 Зак. – 18Al – 44.1, 8 Suncool One 60/40 Зак. – 22Al – 55.1

  • Project detail

  • Project Sports and Concert Complex “Sports Palace”
  • Address 222 Molodogvardeyskaya st., Samara, Russia
  • Year of construction 2021
  • Developer VTS Group of Companies
  • Architects Dmitry Orlov
  • Façade company House of Windows LLC
  • Processor STiS
  • Glass

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Pilkington Suncool® One 60/40

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