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The River Overlook in Zaryadye Park

Pilkington Optiwhite®

The River Overlook in Zaryadye Park

The River Overlook, which cost 860 million rubles to build, is one of the most notable structures of Zaryadye Park, which was ranked by Time Magazine as the TOP 100 most interesting tourist spots in the world as of 2018.

It is a unique structure for Russia, as the corbel section has no supports under it, reaching a length of 70 meters. The maximum height above the water's surface is 15 meters.

Numerous tests have shown that the structure is extremely stable, while at the same time it can withstand 3-4 thousand people (240 tons).

The 1.5-meter-high fence is made of high-impact Pilkington Optiwhite® laminated glass. This is a specially designed float glass that does not have any of the shades of standard colorless glass. Pilkington Optiwhite® has better characteristics compared to conventional float glass, including increased light transmission, as well as a higher solar energy transmittance (solar factor).

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  • Address ул. Варварка, 6, стр. 1, Москва
  • Год постройки 2017
  • Project The River Overlook in Zaryadye Park
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