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The Tower Channel Business Channel

Pilkington Suncool® 66/33 Pro T

The Tower Channel Business Channel

At 75 meters in height, like a cliff in the sea, towers over the Harburg business center BC Tower Channel. The building was designed by Hamburg architect Bernhard Winking (Winking Froh Architects). The office complex was built as part of the development of the former port area. This is one of the architectural dominants of the high-tech center of the Harburg canal.

The river Harbor on the southern Bank of the Elbe was closed in 2000, and a modern cluster has grown in its place: the infrastructure of the industrial zone has successfully integrated modern architecture.

Stylistically, the Channel Tower is an eclecticism of traditional loft-style manufacturing space and modern office space for high-tech enterprises. The lower part of the facade is decorated with dark clinker bricks, referring to the stone docks of the former port. In contrast is the aluminum-glass facade of the building.

The office complex has 18 floors with conference rooms and a lounge area. On the lower floors there are multi-level terraces. The upper ones offer panoramic views of Harburg and the Elbe River.

When glazing the building, the humid climate and the immediate proximity of river channels were taken into account. It is important that the glass does not release heat outside, but at the same time, due to the large area of glazing, it does not heat the office from the inside. For these facades, Pilkington Suncool® 66/33 Pro T architectural class glass was used. It harmoniously fits into the overall architectural concept of the building, and also provides comfort to employees in offices due to the multifunctional Double Silver coating. The coating contains about 20 protective, reflective and anti-reflective nanolayers of various metals, including two layers of silver. This coating is not visible to the eye, but thanks to him, glass in summer, stops solar heat in the winter does not produce heat room the outside.

Pilkington Suncool® 66/33 Pro T is a versatile product with high selectivity. The glass has a low reflectiveness, excellent solar factor and high light transmission, so it is suitable for glazing commercial buildings.

  • Project detail

  • Project The Tower Channel Business Channel
  • Address 25 Karnapp street, Harburg, a southern suburb of Hamburg, Germany
  • Year of construction 2003
  • Architects Bernhard Winking (Winking Froh Architects)
  • Glass

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Pilkington Suncool® 66/33 Pro T

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