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Mani Casadona Business Complex

Pilkington Suncool® 50/25 Pro T

Mani Casadona Business Complex

Futuristic design, cutting edge technology and luxury. These are the three distinctive features of the prestigious business complex Mani Casadona, located in the dynamic suburb of Calcutta – Rajarkhat. The largest IT and business center of Bengal is undergoing a powerful economic boom.

The revolutionary concept of the 21st century workspace was developed by the architect N.S. Sandhu. The locally based Magus Benglal Estate LLP was the developer. In 2019 Mani Casadona complex was awarded in the category of the "Best Commercial Project of the Year". The name Casadona is derived from two Italian words: "Casa" translates as castle, and "dona" describes enchanting beauty.

Mani Casadona positions itself as an ecoterritory. Conservation technologies allow using less water, optimize energy use, conserve natural resources and produce less waste. In addition to offices of different sizes, the complex houses a series of conference rooms and meeting, a lounge area, a gallery, cafes, restaurants, food court, fitness center with swimming pool and world-class club.

The minimalist exterior of the twin towers is emphasized by the glass facades of a silver shade. The glass was used not only for the windows and facades of buildings though. The interior is largely decorated with glass, with frameless automatic doors and office partitions made of it.

This site used Pilkington Suncool 50/25 and Pilkington Suncool Silver 50/27 architectural glass with a silver tint. Thanks to the high light transmission of these products, plenty of natural light reaches inside the building, resulting in lower energy costs for office lighting.

The glass is manufactured with the help of magnetron sputtering technology, which allows the light that passes through the glass to stay uncolored and not cause discomfort for the eyes. In addition, the outside of the glass has a high degree of reflection, making the offices look less like aquariums. Glazing helps put architectural accents on the outside and create a comfortable working atmosphere inside.