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Batha Tower Residential Complex

Pilkington Suncool® 30/16 Pro T

Batha Tower Residential Complex

This two-hundred-meter skyscraper made of glass and concrete, Batha Tower is the 79th tallest building in Dubai. The residential complex is located in the heart of the Business Bay business district, designed after Manhattan in New York and Ginza in Tokyo. High-status business centers and luxury apartments are surrounded by picturesque canals and green parks. And the Business Bay area itself has become a center of attraction for international companies that have decided to settle in the Middle East.

The futuristic Batha Tower building, which overlooks the famous Burj Khalifa Tower, also fits seamlessly into the high-rise environment of the business center. One translation of the name Batha refers to ancient Egyptian mythology. A deity named Batha placed his heart on a tall tree in a beautiful Acacia Valley by the sea. Khatib & Alami worked on the architectural project of the premium residential complex. Developer: Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi
The balconies and panoramic windows of the high-rise building offer incredible views of the dubai business district. The glazing area of Batha Tower is 40 thousand square meters. Builders preferred the glass architectural line Pilkington Suncool 30/16 Pro T with a width of 6 millimeters. Their choice was influenced by climatic conditions: Dubai is one of the hottest cities on the planet.

Suncool 30/16 Pro T is the best option in high temperature conditions for use in large facade structures. Such glass as much protection from solar radiation as possible. An exceptionally low solar factor (19%) ensures comfortable indoor conditions. A well-thought-out glazing choice allows you to save on room air conditioning all year round.

  • Project Batha Tower Residential Complex
  • Address Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
  • Building 2019
  • Developer Шейх Султан бин Мухаммед бин Султан Аль Касими
  • Architect Khatib & Alami
  • Glass