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Pilkington Optishower®

Corrosion resistant glass for bathrooms and rooms with high humidity

The ideal glass for transparent and clean showers over time. 

The new Pilkington OptiShower® product provides a long lasting, pristine glass surface due to the properties of its innovative coating. The anti-corrosion coating permanently seals the glass surface and protects against weathering and chemical attack. This makes Pilkington OptiShower® ideally suited to high humidity environments, with the product remaining clear and resistant over its lifetime, meaning the glass can be cleaned as easily as on the first day.

Glass tested and certified by Rosenheim GmbH.

The range includes two products: Pilkington Optishower® and Pilkington Optishower® OW based on Pilkington Optiwhite® ultra-clear glass.
  • All types of processing

    All types of processing

    The possibility of hardening, bending and use in triplex

  • Humidity resistant

    Humidity resistant

    Chromium-based hard magnetron sputtering

  • High light transmission

    High light transmission

    Lets a lot of natural light into the room


% %
Pilkington OptiShower® 89 7
Pilkington OptiShower® OW 91 8
Characteristics calculated for formula 6 | - 16 Ar - 4 Optifloat in accordance with GOST EN 410-2014, GOST EN 673-2016 (R0 for Moscow conditions using the STIS thermal calculator software).