Pilkington glass in the Haier Industrial Park in Tatarstan

6 June 2022
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The leading Chinese manufacturer of home appliances is building the largest industrial facility in Tatarstan with the support of the Russian State Development Corporation. The planned foreign investments amount is more than 1 billion dollars. The park, when fully operational, will create 5,000 jobs.

The project occupies an area of almost 130 hectares. Twelve factories will be erected here to produce washing machines, TV sets, freezers and boilers, raw materials, components and stamped parts. There will also be logistics and R&D centers. Some of the facilities have already been put into operation.


The minimalistic design of the industrial sites is due to the production purpose of the project. A great deal of natural light during the day is of great importance for the comfort of the employees of the factories. Therefore, a part of the facades is made of translucent structures.

Glass And Glass Units, the facade company, has focused on reliability, safety and energy saving. These parameters are ideally met by 32 mm thick STiS architectural glazing in two versions. The first version includes 8 mm external glass, 6 mm inner glass, and 18 mm distance frame. In the second version there is 8 mm external glass, 4 mm inner glass, and 20 mm distance frame.


Pilkington Suncool-R Blue 50/25 Pro T architectural glass with a distinctive blue tint in the reflected light is a perfect match for the corporate color concept. Thanks to Double Silver magnetron sputtering technology, the glass transmits light but does not stain it, providing neutral light indoors.

These panes offer a perfect balance between light transmission and sun protection, as well as superior thermal insulation characteristics. This helps to reduce air conditioning and heating costs throughout the year.