Pilkington Glass in the Avtodom BMW Boutique Shmitovsky

14 March 2022
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The stylish Avtodom Boutique Shmitovsky has become the first and so far the only official service of the German concern in the center of Moscow. It presents the entire line of BMW, BMW M and BMW i novelties.

The boutique’s laconic building has three floors, including an underground level. The total area of the dealership is 4 thousand square meters with 430 sq. m occupied by the showroom and almost 800 sq. m – by the service center.


The designers paid special attention to the comfort of visitors. The developer, LLC Artel, was guided by the high standards of the top German brand. The all-glass facades seamlessly blend in with the architectural concept of minimalism.

The panoramic glazing of 1,000 square meters provides an opportunity to view BMW novelties already on the approach to the car center. According to the concept of Inprus, the facade company, the translucent structures act as a kind of showcase for the showroom. At the same time, they provide comfort and safety inside the boutique.

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The IGUs produced by Zeltweg Bau are made with products from the Pilkington architectural range. Suncool® 70/40 Pro T glass is characterized by maximum transparency and neutrality. It is ideal for shop fronts: nothing obstructs the view from outside, while the interior receives maximum natural light.

In addition, this glass is characterized by a balance between light transmission and sun protection, as well as excellent thermal insulation properties. All this helps to reduce the cost of air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.

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