Pilkington Suncool® 70/35 Pro T

Pilkington Suncool® 70/35 Pro T represents the up-to-date supplement to the Suncool™ products range with a neutral tint and light reflectance close to the ordinary float glass. It features an outstanding selectivity due to a very low solar factor and high transparency.

This product has to be tempered. Bending, lamination, and application of ceramic/organic paints is possible.

Annealed version of the product exists for cases, when thermal processing is not necessary.


Name Colour Light Solar Radiant Heat Ug-value
Transmittance Reflectance out Direct
Air-filled Argon-filled

Pilkington Suncool® 70/35 Pro T neutral 70 16 1.0 37 0.68 1.3 1.0

All values are calculated for the central area of the IG unit 6| - 16 Ar - 6 according to EN 410 and EN 673 climatic conditions.

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