Al Kharaej Servise Apartments Residential Complex

Address: Haraj District, Lusail, Doha, Qatar

Date of construction: 2019

Architect: DARA Architectural Bureau

Glass: Pilkington Suncool® 70/35 Pro T, Pilkington Suncool®-R Blue 50/25 Pro T, Pilkington Suncool®-R Silver 50/27 Pro T

The "Qatar Miracle" is the name of the city of Lusail, which is being built 15 kilometers from the capital Doha specifically for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Advanced technologies and environmental standards of Lusail claims the title of largest city, built from scratch. A worthy jewel in the necklace of stylish skyscrapers erected here is the residential complex Al Kharaej Servise Apartments.


The 15-storey tower, which was dubbed an "icon of luxury", was designed by the DARA Architectural Bureau. The building is located in the prestigious Kharaj district. The area of the building is almost 18 square meters. The modern residential complex belongs to a high class of energy efficiency.


Al Kharaej includes 66 luxury apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. They are located on the 2nd-15th floors. On the first floor there is a gorgeous lobby. On the second floor is a modern spa complex and a club. The building provides two-level parking with 90 spaces for the highest level of guest convenience. Another 2-storey tower appeared nearby.


The residential complex organically fits into the architecture of the city of the future. All-glass facades in blue and silver shades emphasize the graphic design on the upper levels of the building. The architectural solution was the use of glass in blue and silver shades – Pilkington Suncool®-R Blue 50/25 Pro T и Pilkington Suncool®-R Silver 50/27 Pro T.


The lobby entrance group is also made of glass – Pilkington Suncool® 70/35 Pro T was used. Glass has high sun protection and energy-saving properties.

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